Adopt a Rescue Horse:

Horse Protection Association of Florida

Lauren Barwick is working with the Horse Protection Association of Florida. She is heading up Horse Development and creating a program for the horses to have a solid Parelli Natural Horsemanship foundation. This will create a long-term strategy for each horse to move from Horse Protection to a Forever Home.

Horses Under Saddle

Horses need to match up with the personality and the athleticism of the hopeful adoptee. Each horse Under Saddle is available for different purposes and different levels of riders. They walk, trot, canter and are ready to move toward a specialization that suits their conformation and mental aptitude.

Started Horses

Under 20 hours of foundation training. These horses accept the saddle and are ready for further professional training to bring them along.

Unstarted Horses

Horses have been evaluated and are ready for professional training to develop their foundation.

Companion Horses

Companion horses have physical restrictions towards being ridden but have no problems living a healthy satisfying life as a companion. Some of these horses come to Horse Protection at such an advanced age that we are not going to put that kind of pressure on them.