Lauren Barwick’s emphasis is on Horsemanship and Partnership.

She wants people to understand that you can have Horsemanship and you can have your horse going physically correctly. Each lesson relates to your horse and your journey and what is right for your mind and good for your horse.

Are you intimidated about contacting Lauren? Do you feel, “Oh no, I’m not good enough to work with Lauren Barwick! She has competed in the Olympics!”

Well don’t be afraid. Even if you don’t want to compete or do Dressage. Go for it!

Lauren loves working with people who want to develop their horse with refinement and a soft feel. People who want to help their horse go properly biomechanically—whether they want to compete or not. People who want to be a better rider.

She teaches students of all levels, all disciplines. Whether new to refinement or dedicated Dressage riders you will find Lauren inspiring, encouraging, and incredibly approachable with a great sense of humor.

So go ahead, contact her and get started!