Parelli Natural Horsemanship’s goal is to help raise the level of horsemanship worldwide for the benefit of horses and the people who love them.

The Parelli Program is a people-training program focused on the study of horse behavior and horsemanship skills. The program spans Four Savvys, or areas of development, through four distinct levels of skill improvement.

The cornerstones of the program are a dedication to never-ending self-improvement and an acknowledgement that the improvement of horsemanship is a lifelong pursuit for those passionate about the horse.

The program encourages students to develop creative problem-solving skills and think in a lateral manner, while taking the non-verbal feedback and expression of the horse into consideration.

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The Savvy Club is the heart and soul of everything Parelli, and the home for information, education, social networking, Parelli games and local clinics.

When you can better understand what your horse is thinking, you can bond at a whole new level. You can create the kind of intimate relationship you never thought possible, where your horse does exactly as you want when you want, as if reading your mind.

Say goodbye to fear, disobedience, frustration and force when you start truly communicating with your horse. Say hello to the Parelli Savvy Club!

The Savvy Club won’t turn you into Dr. Dolittle!…but it will massively improve your results and relationship with your horse as you use behavioral psychology to learn how horses think, gain confidence and acquire new tools to help you solve problems or advance.

As a Savvy Club Member each month you’ll enjoy step-by-step instruction, directly from Linda & Pat Parelli, to make sure you maximize the relationship between horse and rider through love, language and leadership.

This is not only where you get started with Parelli, it’s where you continue to grow! Join the all new Savvy Club now at the level that best suits your needs and goals. Whichever you choose, your horse will thank you. Choose from three different membership options! When you sign up please use Referral Code P8224

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The FREE Parelli Problem Solving app is exactly what you need to begin resolving challenges with your horse. This on-the-go and user friendly app will help you understand equine behavior and improve your relationship with your horse.